This website has been made possible with the collaboration of the following organisations:

British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)

The BTO is an independent charitable research institute combining professional and citizen science aimed at using evidence of change in wildlife populations, particularly birds, to inform the public, opinion-formers and environmental policy- and decision-makers. Its impartiality enables the data and information to be used both by Government and NGO campaigners.

Bedfordshire Bird Club

The Bedfordshire Bird Club was formed in 1992 to enhance the recording of birds in the county and bring together people with a shared interest in birds and birding. The Club has a very active core membership, participating in both locally and nationally organised surveys. The club organises a series of outdoor meetings and events throughout the year, and indoor meetings from September to March.

Berkshire Ornithological Club

The Berkshire Ornithological Club (formerly the Reading Ornithological Club) was founded in 1947. It promotes education and study of wild birds and their conservation in Berkshire. Anyone interested in birds and bird-watching is welcome: beginner or expert, local patch enthusiast or international twitcher. There is a full programme of events, with illustrated talks at the University of Reading from October to April and excursions, including overseas visits, through the year.

The Club supports conservation through its small grants fund and by surveying and habitat management work in the field. We seek to collaborate with landowners, local authorities and developers to whom we can provide advice and data to help bird conservation, and with others interested in protecting the natural world. It also publishes the annual county bird report.

Under licence from Thames Water, the Club issues permits to members for Queen Mother Reservoir, the largest area of open water in Berkshire.

Buckinghamshire Bird Club

The primary aim of the Buckinghamshire Bird Club is to advance the knowledge and understanding by the general public of the ornithology of the county of Buckinghamshire. The Club also aspires to preserve and conserve the county’s wild bird life by improving the wider environment that birds depend on throughout Buckinghamshire and to educate and foster young people’s interest in natural history

The Club acts as the focus of all bird watching activities throughout Buckinghamshire. This includes bird ringing, species record keeping, breeding and migratory reporting with monthly bird recording to facilitate the timely production of an Annual County Bird Report in addition to the publication of two books on the Birds of Buckinghamshire. To achieve the Club’s aims numerous field trips are organised in addition to regular indoor meetings, plus the publication of a monthly bulletin which includes an extensive county bird report, forthcoming Club activities and articles of local interest.

Herts Bird Club

The Herts Bird Club promotes the study and recording of birds in Hertfordshire and encourages a wider interest in natural history including the conservation of wildlife habitats. Its members regularly contribute to national and regional bird surveys, and the club has a long tradition of organising local projects to augment these and study species where there has been a conservation need or a gap in local knowledge. Results of such surveys, often with a local interpretation, are published in the annual Hertfordshire Bird Report. In 1967, with the BTO then based at Tring, Hertfordshire birders helped to pilot methods for the first national breeding bird atlas and have contributed enthusiastically to each successive atlas project.

Oxford Ornithological Society

The Oxford Ornithological Society was founded in 1921 and is Britain’s oldest bird society. Since 1974, the Society has reported on the bird life of an enlarged Oxfordshire which ‘acquired’ the Vale of the White Horse from Berkshire following the re-organisation of county boundaries. From its beginnings the Society has produced an Annual Report and held field and indoor meetings – these now held in Kidlington. Highlights of our organised fieldwork include the inauguration of a heronry survey in 1927, which led to the annual Heronries Census and eventually to the founding of the British Trust for Ornithology in 1933. The results of fieldwork for the 1984 - 88 tetrad breeding atlas were included in Birds of Oxfordshire (Brucker, J W; Gosler, A G and Heryet, A R; Pisces Publications; 1992). Fieldwork for the 2007 – 2011 Atlas was extended for a further year to improve coverage. The remarkable changes over a 25 year period can now be explored using this website.

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC)

TVERC collects, analyses and shares geodiversity and biodiversity information in Berkshire and Oxfordshire to help people make sound decisions about how to develop and manage land sustainably and where to direct wildlife conservation work.


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